How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt In 6 Ways

“Pay off your debt first. Freedom from debt is worth more than any amount you can earn.” – Mark Cuban In our country, credit cards are one of the popular types of debts! Many people are reeling under credit card debt. And eventually, they are slogging to find some effective ways to eliminate the debt […]

What happens if you don’t pay credit card bills and what to doWhat happens if you don't pay credit card bills and what to do

So, one more month has passed and you couldn’t pay your credit card bills on time, not even the minimum payment. You are not alone: as per the survey by WalletHub, the average American household is in $8,788 credit card debt. Unfortunately, 62% of people have said that they would go into credit card debt […]

Debt settlement plan – How much can it help to reduce?

If you are burdened with huge debt and you know that you can’t pay them in full, then settlement can be the best option for you. But before you settle your debt, you should negotiate for a better deal. By negotiating, you can easily cut down your debt in half. However, it is not possible […]