How to deal with 5 instances If You Can’t repay bills Due to The Pandemic

Almost every day, we are coming across a humongous number of COVID-19 cases in our country! According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), on 8th July 2020, the total number of positive coronavirus cases in our country is 3,487,780! Isn’t it shocking? At the same time, the number of claims for unemployment […]

What is financial infidelity and how to prevent it from ruining your life

One of the most dangerous things that can ruin your peaceful, calm relationship is infidelity. It is hard to save a relationship from the grasp of infidelity and it may even affect you from the core of your mind. Along with such devastating emotional or physical infidelity, many couples are also facing a new kind […]

Self-care and saving money – How to achieve them together?

Self-care or taking care of yourself isn’t just a trendy term. It plays an important role in the real world and also in all parts of your life. Generally, we have a concept in our mind that doing self-care is nothing but a way to look after our mental and emotional health. But the concept […]

12 Amazing tips to live a frugal life as a single12 Amazing tips to live a frugal life as a single

You might have a concept in your mind that frugal living is merely using your old stuff again and again, and skipping dinner outside. Some people also think that the best way to live frugally is to save money and eat only veggies. Living a frugal life as a single person means applying different frugal […]

How can you save money by changing your lifestyle

When it comes to money, there are numerous ways you may spend it, and on a variety of things. You might be spending it on your basic needs such as groceries, rent, mortgage payments, credit card bills, and transportation, or luxuries such as restaurant memberships, dinners, gaming consoles, and other expensive gifts, etc. You don’t […]

Not only money, you also need healthy habits to clear debts!Not only money, you also need healthy habits to clear debts!

What do you mean by healthy habits? Eating healthy, doing exercises, staying away from all sorts of addictions, drinking enough water every day, minimal screen time on the computer and mobile devices, and so on, will be the answers coming from everyone. And, all are totally correct. Debts are a big-time side-effect of a bad […]